Basic Service Plan – Complimentary No Charge for Two Years from the Date of Purchase

  • First Ring Sizing – COMPLIMENTARY NO CHARGE.

  • Prong & Channel Stone tightening — use existing metal to tighten the stone in a non-prong setting.

• Stone resetting as a result of factory defect — reset diamonds and gemstones into an existing setting.

• Repair damaged setting as a result of factory defect— repair the part of the jewelry that includes only the central gem, typically the “head” and “shoulders” of a ring.

• Refinish and polish — properly clean the jewelry and polish to restore the beautiful luster.

  • Repair damaged earring backs — repair of earring back and post.

  • Repair clasp — repair of the spring-loaded round jewelry clasp.

  • Re-tip prongs — rebuilding of worn prongs (does not include damage resulting

    from misuse or negligence).

    Free Rhodium finish/Plating for the first ten years — ring is dipped in rhodium for a crisp, extra shiny look every two years for the first ten years of your product from the date of purchase at no charge.


    At Silverberg’s, you can be confident that your diamond engagement ring and wedding band will always be protected. Every four months, bring your ring to Silverberg’s for complimentary ultrasonic cleaning and inspection, and we will guarantee your diamond against loss for as long as you own it. *

    *Any diamond purchased from Silverberg’s is warranted against loss from its original mounting for its lifetime. The diamond must be examined every four months by S. Silverberg Finer Jewelers and documented by our staff. This warranty only covers loss of the diamond incurred through normal wear. Any other damage will nullify this warranty. Prongs must be intact and not broken or separated. Any recommended repairs must be made by Silverberg’s at the customer's expense. In the event of loss, Silverberg’s reserves the right to replace your diamond with one of equal value, limited to a maximum of $7,500. This warranty does not cover loss due to mysterious disappearance, theft, etc. We strongly recommend that you insure your diamond jewelry via our available Jeweler’s Mutual Policy or a separate policy via your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Warranty becomes null & void if ring/item is not inspected in the time described (every four months).

    Customer should refrain from wearing any gold product (of any color or type) in chlorine-based chemicals including hot tubs, swimming pools, etc. Exposure to these chemicals will void any warranty as they can cause cracks, breaks, pits, etc. that will ruin the item and cause potential loss of stones.

We will replace the merchandise if, during normal use, the merchandise fails (a) due to a defect in material or workmanship. This Plan covers replacement of a gemstones only to the extent such gemstone is lost due to a defective setting on the merchandise. Also, if the Merchandise is a ring made from a material that cannot be resized, and your finger size changes, we will replace the merchandise with a ring in your finger size (registering the ring with the manufacturer may be required for this part of the warranty). Any engraving or custom work on the replaced merchandise/ring must be re-done at your expense.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: This is not a repair Plan. Watches and jewelry that ordinarily may be repaired are not covered under the Plan. Nothing herein shall obligate us to replace merchandise other than because of a defect in material or workmanship. This Plan does not cover excessive or abusive treatment of the merchandise. Insignificant cosmetic damage is not covered.